Are you a doubter?

Are you a doubter?

Do you doubt yourself? Well find out! Play are you a doubter to find out if you are or aren't!

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You have to get a present for a picky, popular girl in your class for her birthday. You...

Get her a gift card.
Give her Money.
Give her your sister's headband.
Give her a pillow and a diary and a pair of jeans.

You have to cook a meal for a kid your babysitting. You...

Cook a new recipe that you found online. What kid
doesn't love Mac and Cheese!
You ask him what main meal he wants, then what sides
he wants, and then what dessert he wants. You never
forget to ask for allergies
You make him all unhealthy foods. But he did ask for
every single thing you made and you made it for him.
You don't want a crying kid.
You ask him what he wants, but you don't make it
because you think you might burn yourself.

Your cousin dyes her hair pink. You want to dye your hair pink exactly like her. But she might get mad.You...

Don't do it, just in case she does get made you copied.
You do it because she's your cousin. She's family.
You dye it purple and pink. Now you look like you didn't
You ask her if you can.

You want an awesome Birthday party but your Best friend says that birthday parties are dumb. You...

Have a makeup artist come for 3 hours than watch a
bunch of movies and go home.
Think about it for 1 second and say no.
Have a couple friends over and watch movies the
whole night and play games.
Forget her. You have an awesome birthday party.

You want to learn how to swim for the pool party coming up. Your mom asks if you really want to pay for lessons. You...

Pay for 5 lessons. That will be enough.
Pay for 3 lessons and learn the rest from your dad.
Then go over your friends pool everyday to get used
to it for the party.
Don't do the lessons. It was to expensive.
Pay for 4 lessons and practice in your pool. You also
practice diving.

You have a crush you like a lot. Your friend says to ask him out. You...

Tape a note card with words describing him on a rose
and your number on it.
Ask him out on Skype. You Still see him face to face.
Go up to him and ask him out. You hand him your
number and smile awkwardly. You try to wink.
Don't do it.