what color r u?

what color r u?

this will tell u that if u were a color this would be your color. enjoy the quiz!

published on February 09, 201336 responses 9

what do u do on a saturday night?

read a book
go out partying
have a sleepover with your closest freinds
sit alone and whatch tv

whats your fav book genra

nothing i go outside every chance i get
anything happy
non fiction
mystery and dystopian

whats your fav animal

black cat

whats your fav subject

nothing i hate school

do you have any sblings

only child
yes! i love to play sports or go partying with them
i love my sibling
mabey dont care
i wish i didnt

what type of house do u want to live in

a small cottage
anything i can host a party in and a BIG yard
id take anything
dont care
something in solitude

how do u dress/wear ur hair

jeans and a nice t with a ponytail
anything that will catch peoples attention
nice floral or patterend dress with high or crazy bun
jeans pain t flat hair
dark colors long hair down covering one eye