Minecraft - What kind of player are u?

Do you want to know what kind of player you and your friends are? Take some time to make this test!

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Minecraft - What kind of player are u?

Where can you use redstone for?

Nice decoration
Isn't that a weapon on server.fight.lala?
Where it used to be for!
Making life easier so i have more time to make more machines that can make life easier
I don't know but i probably keep it, you never know

What do you think you are?

I'm a miner
I'm a PVP pro
I'm a PVE addict
I'm a redstone nerd
I'm trying to make life easier in survival
I'm building the whole day

You need tools but why do you need them?

To break any block in-game and find diamonds
Make it easier to build stuff
Make the best sword that's in-game
I don't need tools, I'm playing creative
Find redstone

You are playing in creative, what are you going to do?

Creating a more efficient house
Creating an calculator
Trying to make a full auto tree farm using a wither
Build a Huge and massive building

You see a angry player (with diamond sword) on your right hand and a enderman (with enderpearl) on your left hand, What side do you choose?

Right, The player with diamond sword is to OP for me, and i still need enderpearls
Left, I want that diamond sword!

If minecraft has a update tomorrow, what do you hope they will add?

A crossbow!
More ores and better tools!
Some sort of a redstone lamp that can give 3 colors: RGB!
More mobs to fight with!
New building blocks!
A sort redstone thing that will break a block in front of it and drop it on the ground!