Who are you from Heroes of Olympus?

Who are you from Heroes of Olympus?

In this quiz you'll find out what character you are from Heroes of Olympus.

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Who would you want to be your godly parent?


What is your personality?

Clever and untrustworthy (boy)
Brave and awesome (boy
Clever and smart (girl)
Shy and mysterious (girl)
Shy and mysterious (boy)
Beautiful and kind (girl)
Brave and outstanding (boy)

What is the one thing you need in life?

My lightning powaa!
My boyfriend
My bow and arrow
My smarts and magic laptop
I don't think I need anything for now... Are we done? *me* No! Take the quiz!
Riptide, my magical pen
My totally frekin AWESOME tool belt

What do you like to do in your free time?

Just show off my beauty... but also um... explore... nature?
Practice archery
Go on my laptop or just do normal things
Practice swordfighting
Build/create things
Train, train, train!
Ride my horse

What are your favorite symbols?

Hammer, Fire
Lightningbolt, thunder
Triton, Ocean, Horse
Swan, rose, dove
He doesn't have a symbol but he's Ares
Helm of darkness, three headed dog