What kind of friend are you ?

What kind of friend are you ?

This quiz will help you to find out what kind of friend you are! Good Luck!! :)

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When your friend is being bullied you

Stand up to the bully and show them that no one
bosses your friend around!
You ignore the fact that your friend is being bullied ,
you don't want to get involved in this situation!

Somebody starts an unkind rumor about your friend you

Jump to your friends defence and tell them to stop spreading lies immediately
Ignore it and hope that it will die down eventually

You see your friend crying up by the wall in the school yard you

Run over to her and ask her whats wrong and try and cheer her up
Ingnore and sneek away and hope that she didn't see you

Your friend gets in trouble in class for something that you did

You tell the teacher that it was you not your friend
Let your friend take the blame, she never gets told off anyway!

You and your friend are running with another group of girls , your friend falls over and the other girls laugh you

You help your friend up and tell the other girls that its not funny
Laugh too you want to become friends with these girls