What mermaid are you? (1)

What mermaid are you? (1)

Are you Cleo,Rikki,Or Emma find out with this quiz!!! Are you Emma smart and nice Cleo nice and shy or Rikki bold and strong?

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What is you dream power?

Ice power "I'm cold girl duh duh na na duh"
Heating pros:Instant food! cons:....fire
Controling water "I am your master" -.-
All of them

What picture would you have in your locket

My friend and me as mermaids
My little/big sister/brother
My dog
My family

If you were a mermaid were would you be all the time

In the water duh!
School you gotta learn swim later
Walking on the beach with my boyfriend
By the water not in I cant swim

Who is you'r most favorite person in the whole wide world

My brother/sister
My boyfriend
The sea

fi uoy nac daer siht uoy era trams tub siht sah gnithon ot od htiw smaidmer

If you can read this you are smart but this has nothing to do with mermaids
Bacon seagull hey squirrel!!