Are you prone to creepypasta related incidents?

Are you prone to creepypasta related incidents?

CreepyPasta is one of those things that people love to talk about, but never want to be part of - they're unlucky souls, but are you lucky?

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Do you alway recieve e-mails to links a lot? (To unknown websites)

Sure, they're in my junk mail.
Sometimes, but I ingore it.
All the time, I think they purposely target me.

How do you act around strangers?

Casual, I talk to them if I want to.
Ok I guess, I not shy or anything.
Horrible, I start shaking and feel weird.

Have you ever strumble upon something so weird, dark or strange you don't dare tell anyone?

No. Not at all.
Yes, but I've told people.
Yes, but I'm keeping it to myself.

Mirrors, what's your take on them?

They reflect. Silver-looking. Whatelse?
Weird, I hate my reflection.
Hate them. They just stare back...

Do you like hacked games?

Pfft, it spoils the fun.
Some times, when I'm finished with the game or something like that.
All the time!

As soon as you go to bed, how long does it take to fall asleep?

I nod off stright away.
It takes a few minutes and counting sheep before I do.
I never can, it's impossible.

Do you feel uneasy walking alone at night?

Pfft, no. why should I?
A little, but it's just the change in the norm.
Extremely, I never leave my home because of this.

Do you know of, live near or in a haunted place?

Not really, I don't chase these things.
I know one or two places.
I live in one!

Do you have an extremely favoruite character from a TV or Film or Game that's so powerful you are a fanboy/lady?

Nah. Why?
One. I won't tell.
Oh where do I begin...?!

Have you ever had a weird dream or vision that caused you nightmares?

Never. I'm stone-faced to dreams.
One or two, but it was dream so...
Yeah, its haunted me ever since.