Does your Crush like you back? (3)

Does your Crush like you back? (3)

I'm back on this account after like a year missed this :) first quiz in ages its quick an snappy have fun :* x

published on March 15, 201550 responses 2 4.2★ / 5

do they make effort to talk to you?

well i wouldnt say "effort"
sometimes :3

do you catch them staring at you ever?

all teh time O.O
sometimes..i think .-.
oh hell no :|

are youse friends?

yes like best mates
well i know them
:'| we acciendentally made eye contact ONCE

Does he ever smile at you?

yeah all the time
not at all

do you think theres a vibe between you 2?

yup totally
nop not at all