Which type of The Sims player are you?

Which type of The Sims player are you?

This quiz will reveal what type of The Sims player you are. This is just a fun quiz, so don't take it too serious. :D

published on September 16, 201640 responses 4 4.5★ / 5

Welcome to this quiz! What do you like most about The Sims?

I like life simulation
games, so The
Sims is perfect for
me! I love
everything about
Creating beautiful
Sims and wonderful
The cheats and the
I like the strange
things about The
Sims, the mythical
creatures and the
twisted and surreal

How do you make your Sims happy?

By satisfying their
needs and wishes.
By helping them to
fulfil their lifetime
By cheating...
Why would I want
to make my Sims

How do you usually get money (simoleons) on The Sims?

I sell stuff or send
them to work.
They need to get a
job! No laziness
*opens cheat box*
Putting my Sims in
wealthy households
and kicking the
inhabitants out.

Your Sim needs a job! What do you suggest?

An ordinary job
with a good salary.
Only the best for
my Sims!
Something in
science or law
would be great!
Who needs jobs
when you've got
Hmm let's see...
what about

Your Sim throws a party, but only one guest shows up! What's your reaction?

Uhm. Seems like I
need to improve
my social life.
Interact with the
only guest. Perhaps
he will turn out to
be a good friend!
*double click*
*force visitor* You
really thought you
can refuse my
invitation? Fools...
Well, at least I now
know which Sims
to kill first.

You have a nice Sims household with a married couple. But one day, when the wife comes home, she sees that her husband is cheating on her with the cleaning lady! You're annoyed, because you didn't want their relationship to have any trouble. What do you do?

I will see how the
situation develops.
Perhaps the wife
also finds a better
I want them back
together! I will kick
the cleaning lady
out and try to
improve their
*opens cheat box*
*delete cleaning
lady* *improve
between wife and
husband* Done!
Kill the husband
and the cleaning
lady. How can you
be so unfaithful?

What kind of challenge would you like to try (if you haven't already)?

I don't really like
those challenges. I
prefer the ordinary
Something huge
and really
challenging, like
the Legacy
Anything, as long
as I am allowed to
use cheats...
Locking a bunch of
Sims in a room
without furniture
and waiting until
one survivor

Finally, do you have any custom content? If yes, what kind?

No, I don't like
downloading things
for The Sims.
Yes, I have plenty
of hairstyles and
outfits, as well as
many decorations
for my buildings!
Yeah, but mainly
I download a lot of
strange but cool
stuff, for example
vases that can
thunderstorms or
meteors falling
down! *evil laugh*