What is the first part of your warrior name? (1)

Find out the first part of your warrior name! If you take What is the second part of your warrior name and What do you look like and what clan your in, you'll be a complete warrior! Good luck!

published on May 15, 201416 responses 2

What is your favorite color of these?

Yellow, orange, and red, mainly anything related to red or brown
Silver, white and other colors like that
Grey, dark grey, and black
Yellow and black

What are you found doing most of the time?

Going into the unknown
Ballet or swimming
Practicing your fighting skills.
Taking good care of bees

What out of these would you like to be in the future?

A tough person
A swimmer, someone graceful
A solder
A beekeeper!

What do you like to eat?

The unknown
Sophistacated foods
Outside stuff

If you had a choice of playing one of these, what would you play?

Animal Jam
Club Penguin
I don't play video games.

What do you hope to get?