Are you a hardcore gamer?

Are you a hardcore gamer?

This quiz will tell what type of gamer you are there is casual normal and hardcore

published on June 14, 201614 responses 3

What do you mostly play on?

A pc for life! (me calm down bruh.) you NEVER!
My phone duh
I play on a game boy console and pc I cant decide

What games have you played?

I have played bio shock and Red Fraction Guerrilla
I have played every game you can thick of!
Umm... Candy Crush and Panda pop (me its ok I play them too)

How much money do you spend on gaming?

About 10-70 dollars
I spend 300-500 dollars(me why)
Around 100-250 dollars

How much gaming accessories do you have?

I have One personalized controller and 50 tee-shirts and 20 other Items
Not to many
about 4-7 shirts

Do you have A gaming battle station

Yes I have a whole room dedicated to gaming
No but does a TV set up to a console count
WTF is that

have you been to E3

Yes I go every 2 years
Yes just one time thu
No but I have heard off it

What do you think you are


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