Which of these cats are you (OCS)

Which of these cats are you (OCS)

I made a couple of OCS i hope you like them so enjoy i hope you get someone you like

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Your looking for herbs in the forest (Even if your not a medicine cat) the first herb you come across is..

Juniper berries

Your mate is in danger!

I dotn have a mate im a medicine cat
I dont care let them die! I never loved them!
I have to focus on the clan not on my love
I must help but than people will look at me odd and our secret may get reveled
I need to help but what about our kits?
Im too young for a mate

Your walking on your territory you see a cat talking with a cat from another clan talking about ambushing your clan leader! What do you do?

Tell the leader right away
Protect the kits race to the nursery and get ready for attack
Tell all the other apprentices they will think you finally did something cool
Let it slide. I dont care!
Look to Starclan for a omen
I am the leader!

You are deputy (I dont care if you arnt really) who do you choose for the new deputy

Someone who has experience and will die for our clan
Someone who will be loyal to ME
My son he will lead the clan like a true leader
Just pick someone randomly enimen mineo mo and i pick you!
A senior warrior who has tons of experance
A pure blood clan cat

Choose a position

Medicine Cat

Some cats who have been missing for a couple of moons now return and they say we must move to a new land or we will die away. Your response!

No, we are staying here there is plenty of prey
I do my own thing
I should listin this may be important
I respect there idea but make my own decision
Think of the kits...
Do it what could go wrong?

Your opinion on half-clan cats?

Kill them all!
There ok as long as their loyal
Hide the kits!
Their cool the more the marrior is what one of the elders says
I heard that one of the best clan leaders was half-clan! Their amazing!
They are just like anyone else