What Wolf Are You? (4)

What Wolf Are You? (4)

The name is Yodelwolf and today, I am making a quiz.Yay! So please enjoy, Quiz takers. See you.

published on May 01, 201616 responses 2
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If you had a partner in a report, how would you treat them?

Kind, like anyone else!
Well.. Treat them like human.
Good I guess.
Get them to move their body! We have to work here!

What is your favorite color?

I dunno...
Yellow, Blue
All of them! They're to great to choose!

What movie would you watch?

Ghost Busters!
Alpha and omega
Don't care

If you had enough money to do anything, what would you do?

Make candy land real!
Use for collage. No funny business!
Make a video game blogging studio with 20 pugs!
Not sure

If you could eat anything, what would you eat?

Mangos, candy, all sorts of exotic and sweet
That's tough I'm not sure
I don't care!
Apples,broccoli,healthy things!