What element are you (1)

Are you Fire,earth,water or air find out in this quiz there are 5 questions not very long

published on August 21, 201537 responses 10
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Your enemy posted a humiliating photo of you online what do you say to her

Walk up to her and give her a beat down
Smile it off its not that bad
Roll your eyes and walk off
Have a massive melt down and forse her to delete it or her popularity will drop to rock bottom

How much makeup do you use

None yuck the feeling is like that ideot who stared at me yesterday of corse I gave him a beat down
None all natural :)
only lip gloss
Like every type I could tell you but the list will last like a million years

You find your boyfriend kissing your bestie what is your reaction

Pull them off eachother then beat them boath untill they are permanently unconscious
Frown and say to them I can forgive you boath after an apology from you boath
Yell at them then run off you HATE them now
Umm excuse me but you are now boath so unpopular that you would wish you where dead

What do you love doing in your spare time

Yelling and beating ideots that get in your way
Playing with animals and all the wonderful creatures of the wild life
Playing games on your phone OHMYGOD I just completed level 100 in candy crush
tease dorks and go SHOPPING

What is your popular status

Low because I beat people hey they deserve it!!!!!!!!!
Mild but I only care about being nice
Very low I'm the biggest DORK on Q feast
I'm the queen bee everyone loves me