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What is your favorite old?

Ew um none
All of the above

Where would you take your first date to?

A football game
A dumpster
The mall
A fashion show

You got a F on your math test and you need a sign and return, what do you do?

Fake the signature, no one will notice a thing.
Just show the test to your parents and take
the responsibility.
Who cares about the stupid test the teacher
will forget about in a day or so.
Hypnotize your parents after they sign it with
the new necklace you got at the thrift store.
Beg your teacher to let you retake it.
Throw a football at your teacher, he won't
remember what happened.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A designer
A professional soccer player
A cop
A teacher
A makeup artist
A garbage man

You want the new iPhone 5, but you don't have enough money, what jobs can you do to get enough money?

Ask your parents if you win your baseball
game you can get $10 a game
Model the new latest headbands
Tutor kids for the next weeks history test.
Beg for money and if your parents don't give
you any, you sue them.
Walk in the school people can't stand the way
you dress they pay to look at you.
Do people's hair for the schools plays.