Which of my warriorcats characters are you?

Which of my warriorcats characters are you?

These are basically me and my freind's oc's and other cats I made up for the storyline, which one are you? Find out!

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Your clan is being attacked! What do you do?

Protect the weak!
Stay on the sidelines, rush in if needed
IM the one attacking
Fight with all my strength and heart, those suckers deserve it
Rush in with speed and confuse them
Kill them all
Create a barrier and throw things at them
Protect my mate

After the fight, you are wounded, the leader tells you to rest, what do you do?

Obey my leader
I am the leader
Resist strongly
I can't, my clan needs me
I am my own leader
I have no leader
Say no and go stretch your legs
Rest but help the med cat to pass time
Go sleep

You've rested, but now your hungry, what do you eat?

Forest prey
The carcasses of others abandoned kills
The carcasses of dead warriors
Traveling herbs
Rob a twolegs, what? Their food is tasty!

After eating, your leading a border patrol, what warriors/apprentices do you pick?

The strong, brave ones
The lean, fast ones
The ones who are willing to go
My freinds
Loyal cats
Go by myself
The ones who hunt and fight very well
I don't lead patrols
Boi, I go with the leader and deputy and highest ranking warriors!
The ones with experience

On the way, your patrol sees a band of rogues in your territory, what do you do?

Run up and ask what they want and why they are here, attack if necessary
Surround them
Invite them into the clan
Attack, aim for the throat
Demand answers, then attack
Chase them off
Calmly escort them out of your territory
Pin them down, ask questions later

what is your ability?

The power of the night
Claws are always unsheathed
Thorn sharp claws and teeth
Smart and witty
Strong and bold