So you wanna be a Demigod, eh?

So you wanna be a Demigod, eh?

In my world of Aether, Demigods are half human, and half angel. However, they lost their connection with the Angels in a catastrophic event called "The Sundering of Wings." This quiz should help decide what primary type of angelic powers you would have if you were a Demigod before the sundering. Keep in mind that this isn't truely detailed, but it's just to give you an idea of what your power would be. (Also good for writing books!)

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Which of these words describes you the best?


What would you do if you found your friend being picked on?

Dispell the situation peacefully.
Lash out.
Watch from a distance, but make no attempt.

What would be your motto?

"The best offense is defense."
"What will be, will be."
"Might makes Right."

Which of these woodland animals is your favorite?

The Bear.
The Squirrel.
The Deer.

What image do you feel defines you?