When will u have your baby?

When wiil u have your first baby? Find out in this quiz! We can also see if u will have twins or triplets!

published on March 0916 responses 4

How old are u?

18 and younger!
40 and over

Are u married?

No, I'm to young!
Yes but i got married at 16!
Yes i have been married for 2-5 years!
No i'm single!
Yes i've been married for 10-15 years!
No but i'm engaged

Do u want children?

Yes but i have fertitly problems!:(
NO! No children at all!
Yes but i will wait untill i'm older!
Yes but i only want 1 girl!

Are u religous?

Yes i'm all the way chritan!
No way!
I'm not but my family are!:(
Yes but my boyfriend isn't!
No but my boyfriend is!
Yes but my religon says i can't have children!:(

Are u pregnat now?