What pet is best for you? (2)

What pet is best for you? (2)

Take this quiz to find out what type of animal would fit your lifestyle the best.

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What's the family you live with like?

Just me, and a roommate upstairs.
Just me.
Myself and a significant other
Family with children, mostly boys.
Family with children, mostly girls

I already have a BLANK, and don't want two of those.

I don't have any pets
Guinea pig

Where do you normally fall asleep at night?

An apartment
I have my own place but usually crash at random friends houses
A house with a back yard
At night? I sleep during the day.

I mostly want a pet to?

Not be alone in my home
Have someone to play with in my home
Take selfies with
Be a part of my family

How responsible are you? Rate yourself from 1 (not responsible) to 10 (very responsible)


How many consecutive hours do you spend away from your home on an average day?

6-8 hours
about 8 hours
about 10 hours
I may be gone most of the time, but I swing by my place at least once a day.
Hmmm, I stopped by my house last week...

How much does cuteness matter to you in a pet?

That's the whole reason I want one! I need a pet that can make me smile just by looking at it.
I'd rather have something flashy. Lots of colors.
Cute is a relative concept
Not at all
A little cute, a lot of fuzz