Sweet, Nutty, or Cool. Which Personality Type Are You?

How do you picture yourself? Are you sweet, nutty, or cool? Take the quiz to find out.

published on July 18, 201520 responses 4 5.0★ / 5

It’s Friday night and your friend canceled plans because of a cold. What would you do?

Stalk their Facebook to see if they really are sick.
Ask for a rain check.
Offer to bring them soup for a speedy recovery.

You’ve got some free time. How would you spend it?

With your family.
Zip lining through the city.
Trying out that D.I.Y project you saw on Pinterest.

If you had to pick a musical heroine who would she be?

Lady Gaga.
Taylor Swift.

You’ve won the lottery for a million dollars. How do you spend your winnings?

You buy a million more tickets.
You never tell anyone and slip away to a private island.
You donate to a charity and save the rest.

Which movie are you most interested in watching?

The Nutty Professor.
Singin’ In The Rain.