Are you a tomboy? (For girls only)

This quiz will say if you are a tomboy or just a normal girl. By FuzzyPuff66

published on July 21, 201433 responses 10 3.7★ / 5

Have you ever shouted out loud "I'm a sexy boy!"

Yes....all the time!
Maybe....maybe not
No! Why would I!

Do you do messy things like boys (like dirt mud ect)

Sometimes it depends how messy it is
Never in a million years....

At school, do you normally wear shorts or skirts?

Shorts! Trousers!
A bit of both!
I always wear skirts and dresses!

Do you think a girl or boy is better?

Boy defently!

Do you normally play with boys?

Yes! All the time!
If my best friend (which is a girl) is sick or away I would play with the boys
I always play with girl!