What WindClan cat are you? (1)

Find out which warrior cat you are... WINDCLAN STYLE! Take my 3rd quiz!

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Ah! Dogs on your territory! They're cornering Ashfoot! What do you do?

Fight it
Freak out and run in circles!
Get Ashfoot out safely, and then run for your life!
Attack the dog, until it lies dead...
Gather other warriors to do a group attack

Oh no! The dog got scared, and is running off to camp! What if you do?

Chase after it, and the swerve to block it.
Yowl, and run away.
Let out a warning yowl, and try to beat the dog to camp to save the kits and elders.
Attack it
Beat it to camp, and warn everyone to leave

Aww... You just met the cutest ShadowClan tom/she-cat, and she/he asked for you to meet them... TONIGHT! What do you do?

Go. I like them, so why shouldn't I meet them?
Not go. I can meet someone in my Clan!
Stay in camp. That cat should be loyal to ShadowClan.
Go, but then attack the cat for pulling you into their trap.
Go, and meet them everyday! *sigh*

No! The mean cat in the Clan was just made deputy!

Shoot the leader a dirty look.
Accept the deputy. Maybe he went through some tough times...
Respect him. He IS your deputy!
Bully him behind the leaders back.
Smile, and congratulate him.

Oh no! Fallowkit is drowning! Problem is... She's from ThunderClan!

Watch them, and then to see if they'd make it. If they struggle, then save them!
Yowl for help.
Dive in, even if you don't know how to swim.
Watch them struggle.
Save them, and take them back to your camp, to see if your medicine cat can heal her.