Where do i fit in?

Where do i fit in?

Ever wondered where you fit into society, Are you a good role model, friend or Sportsperson... Take this quiz to find out!

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Your friend is having a party, You wear...

A T-shirt with your favorite band/sports team/quote, Jeans and sneakers - you arrive early to help your friend
A colorful shirt and a mini skirt with long boots. you wear some make up and have colorful highlights - You arrived on time and
worked the he dance floor
Crop top and a really short mini skirt with HIGH heels. You took three hours to do your hair and another 4 to do your make - You
arrived Very Late
You wear a baggy shirt and jeans with some flat sneakers -you arrive on time but have to leave soon after

You have a crush on this guy you...

Keep it to yourself.
You go straight up to him and ask if he wants to come round to your house sometime.
You make really good friends with him. Have lots of fun together. Your not brave enough to take it to the next level though.
You play sports together and get along well.

Your friends want to go out this weekend,
1. Who Pays
2. Where do you go

1. My friends pay or i find somebody else to go with.
2. A beauty Salon, Movies et anywhere where I can show of my body. I chose though
1. we take turns for different parts of the night
2. A club or bar. Sometimes just to a restaurant with live Music
1. I don't mind, we usually all put our money together
2. Hockey, Football, Other sporty places. Anywhere we can have fun and enjoy ourselves
1. I usually pay.
2. Anywhere that my friends want to go. They gtme out of the house anyway.

In your Free Time you

You organize party's or road trips Usually you just hang out with your friends.
Hang out with the sports team or friends, Practice sports or just d stuff at home.
You do your homework or read a book. You rarely go out.
Party, Party, Party. you love going to clubs and you have a different date every night.

Your Favorite Subject at school is...

Physical Education and Science
I love all of them!
I hate them all, Can't i just go to the Mall
Arts and Drama

What does friendship mean to you

Worth holding on to, BUT VERY hard to find
If one goes i'll find another
One who who you can have an on going Party with and never get tired of them.
Some one who will be there to laugh at you but also to comfort you

What's wrong with being different?

Being different means that people won't like you
Nothing, but it's hard to be yourself
Be Different otherwise life is boring. It can be a bit sad though.
When everyone is the same it's easy to make friends

Where would you rather be...

Listening to music and dancing in your bedroom.
On the sports field or having fun at an amusement park
Watching T.V. or at a book store
Buying clothes or kissing your boyfiend

What would be your PERFECT date...

A hockey game, and then a picnic
I don't like going on dates
Anywhere expensive and where I don't pay

What Quote best describes you...

Life is to short to be unhappy, I just wish it was easier to find happiness
I'm a girl who thinks popularity is the answer
Count your rainbows, not thunder storms
I learned all about life with a ball in my hands