Does he like you back? (2)

Accurate quiz. Does he really like you, is it just teasing, are you guys just friends or does he not even know your existence?

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Does he like you back? (2)
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Does he know who you are?

Never even looked at me
We have talked a few times.
We are friends.
We are BEST friends.

How often do you talk face to face?

We talk everyday all the time!
We talk A LOT!
We talk rarely.
As I said he doesn’t know that I exist..
We have talked once or more.
We know each other but I don’t have his socials or number.

For how long have you known each other?

Since birth.
Over three years.
Over a year.
Couple of months.
Just met.

Do you ever make eye contact?

Once in a time. But I think it was by accident.
Yes but he doesn’t seem to get happy about it / he “rolls” his eyes.
Sometimes and he smirks.
All the time and he smiles at me!
All the time and he blushes!

If you would walk into a room with plenty of people he would...

Not even bother I came in / doesn’t look up.
Look up but sighs.
Look up but stare at me in a weird way.
Look up, wave and smile at me.
Walk up to me to say hi.
would blush and come to say hi.

Have you ever touched each other?

I have never been near him.
We have hugged.
We’ve held hands and hugged.
We’ve kissed...
Yes but he quickly dragged himself out of it.

Has he ever gifted you anything?

Only a mean letter.
I once got a cute letter.
Yes! Plenty of times.
Yes all the time!

If you need help he..

Helps me out no matter what it is.
Only helps in some cases.
Dosn’t even bother to help.
Laughs it off.

Does he laugh at your jokes?

I’ve never made a joke in front of him.
No he doesn’t. Ouch.
He just stares at me but does not laugh.
Yes, only if they were really good though.
Yes all the time!

Does he ever wanna hang out?

We’ve never spoken.
Only if he’s bored.
Yes pretty often.

If he saw someone “bully” you he would..

He wouldn’t even have seen it!
He would see it but laugh at it..
He would look but not bother.
He would come up and protect me immediately.

Have you ever heard him talk about you to his friends?

Yes but only mean stuff.
Once or more.
A lot!

If you’re texting over phone, who starts the conversation?

We don’t talk.
He has blocked me.
I always start them.
He starts them.

How is his status?

He is single!
He’s in a relationship..

If you ever need comfort he...

Doesn’t even notice it.
Comforts me in the best way he can.
Comforts me but changes the subject.

When you talk what does he do?

His eyes are wandering.
He looks me straight in the eyes.
We don’t talk...
He looks me straight in the eyes and blushes.

When you talk to another guy he...

Doesn’t care.
Gets jealous.

Have he ever flirted with you?

Yes, but I think it was only a joke.
Yes but he did it really uncomfortably.
Yes and I just thanked him.
Yes and I flirted back.