What House are you in Arklan (fan made hogwarts)?

Arklan is a school made by me, fan made of Harry Potter's "Hogwarts" Featuring 4 houses, each depicting a persona, it's very likely to have rivals in there, so good luck on finding out who are you!

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Your favourite class?

Bonds of Friendship

A person comes up to you and asks where is the "Specific Cauldron" (place to teleport to the school)
Your answer?

Bring them to the spot
Say nothing and walk by
Explain where, what, and how to get there
Run to the cauldron

Because of you, your team failed a group project.

Apologise and say its your problem
Explain why that happened
Blame it on the group
I wouldn't fail a group project

You enter a beautiful garden, what are you gonna look at first?

The Ground
The Little House
The Sakura Tree
The Fountain

After the school, what are you gonna do?

Join the Magic Ministry
Live a lonely life
Raise a family

Your favourite element?


A person is being bullied right next to you - your actions?

Gotta fight down the bully and kick his ass!
I'm going to tell the teacher.
Nothing, why would I care?
Gonna confront the bully and ask to stop, if he doesn't - gonna roast him because.

What do you like to do in your freetime?

Do nothing really
Spend time with my friends

Your friend is cheating on the final exam - your actions?

Nothing, pretty sure I'm gonna do better
Tell him not to do it
I don't care about exams anyway
I'm gonna tell the teacher

What is your flying broom?

Normal, Household one
Embarius 5000 (very powerful)
I don't have any, why do I care
Phoenix Fire (normal)