What Kind Of Dance Are You?

What Kind Of Dance Are You?

Find out what kind of dance you are in this amazingly fun quiz! This is a short quiz only for girls to find out what kind of dance they are by answering 5 questions. HAVE FUN!

published on June 03, 201517 responses 0

Pick witch answer is most like you.

Beutiful and peaceful
Loud, not caring what people think or say
Talented and graceful

What color is your favorite?

In the middle of light and dark colors

How flexible are you on a scale from 1.0-10.0? 1.0 is the least flexible and 10.9 is the most flexible.


What are you most likely to do if a bully is bullying your friend?

Stand up for your friend by telling the bully to stop and make your friend happy and smile again
Tell an adult what is happening and leave it up to the adult that you told and the only other thing that you do is calm your friend down
Fight with the bully until you win and get your friend to safety and win the fight, then make your friend smile and be happy again

Would you rather...

Make something that you like and don't change it no matter what person (how many people) don't like it or what to change it
Take opinions from everybody you know and change everything they don't like
Make it mostly for yourself and get a few opinions from the people you trust and love the most and use their opinions and incorporate their opinions with your's