How Gothic are you?

How Gothic are you?

Being goth and being gothic are actually completely different. In my opinion anyway. "Goth" is the label you chose to place on yourself if you want to be identified as an ooky spooky creature of the night, and "Gothic" is just having characteristics of goth. So I, a goth, present to you, "How Gothic are you?"

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Who's dead? (Undead, undead, undead)

Bela Lugosi of course!
Everyone should be! I hate the world! Everyone makes me miserable!
I don't think I get it.
That's a song reference, right?
Goths should be.
Oh Traditional Goths, you've got to love those song references.

Goths are...

...pretty cool.
...the only people who seem to understand me.
...dangerous. They're all a bunch of evil jerks! They just want to hurt people.
Goths are me! I am goth. I'm so goth I crap bats! I'm goth all the way!
...I'm not sure what that even means.

Jillian Venters

I am a proud Snarkling!
She's some important lady, right?
Should I look into that?
Gothic Charm School!
Probably some murderer or something, if she's important to goths.

Currently I am wearing...

Well, I consider myself to be goth, but I'm not into the fashion, so I'm just wearing what I'd wear any other day.
Normal stuff.
What I wear every day. Nothing special. Maybe a bit of black.
I'm wearing what I wear every day, and admiring those I see who are 'all gothed up'
I am staying true to my gothic aesthetic, all black, creative, unique, I got all done up today and am unmistakably gothic.
Anything that makes me look as un goth as possible! I want to look nothing like those freaks!
All black Hot Topic garments.

Which one is considered a 'Goth' artist/band

Sisters of Mercy
Marilyn Manson
Some creepy screamo artist who sings about death and hurting other people.
How should I know?
Evanescence is one, right?
I'm not fond of goth music but I appreciate the genre as it makes goths happy.

The raven...

What about it?
Nevermore! What goth wouldn't know that?
Ravens are perfect symbolism as to how dark my life is.
Kinda creepy, just like goths.
All my goth friends would get that quote!
I like poetry.

Pastel Goth

Welp, I'm sure there are pastel goths out there who know what goth is, but mostly its just a fashion.
Just another demented goth fashion...
Anyone who wears color isn't goth. Its gotta all be black, duh! MISERY!
Aww its cute! Not always goth though.
Another subgenre of goth fashion.

Peter Murphy

I prefer Black Veil Brides.
He's a singer.
The spawn of Satan, probably.
Isn't he a singer?

May 22nd?

World Goth Day! I know because I'm goth.
Day before May 23rd and day after May 21st.
Probably Satans birthday if goths are involved.
I'm helping my goth friends celebrate.
That's nice.
Its a goth thing.