Should you seek emotional counseling?

Should you seek emotional counseling?

I find there are many people on this website who are depressed or struggling in their life. This quiz is meant only as a suggestion and an opening for ideas, not an official medical decree. However, If you score on this quiz negatively, please contact me so we can discuss further options.

published on July 22, 201562 responses 130 4.8★ / 5

Why are you taking this quiz?

I feel like I've been considering this for a long time and I want confirmation.
I wanted to talk to someone who understands.
I've been feeling down a lot recently and I want to know if I should get help.
Bored/ Curious/ Having a bad day or it's been bad for a week or so

Have you been treated before?

Yes, I went multiple times on a normal basis.
Yes, once.
No, but I considered it seriously.

Have you been diagnosed with any disorders or clinical depression?

Yes, and I am being treated for it.
Yes, but I am not being treated for it.
No, but I seriously suspect I have one.
No, but I don't think I have any.

How often do you feel depressed?

Almost all days, during most of the day.
Most days, for the majority of the day
Some days but only when triggered
Just times when something bad has happened

Do you have physical side effects? For example: Tremors/ spasms, dizziness/ light-headness/ fainting, nausea/ throwing up, head aches/ migraines, trouble breathing, insomnia (can't sleep), or hot/ cold flashes.

Yes: Select this answer only if you have 5-7 of those effects constantly
Yes: Select if you have 3-5 of those effects cnostantly
Yes: Select if you have 1-3 of those effects constantly
Never/ Only when I'm upset

Substance abuse?

Yes, I use them often.
I used to./ Sometimes.
No, but it seems tempting.


Yes, all the time.
Sometimes./ I used to.
I considered it.


I've considered it seriously.
I've tried it before.
I've considered it in dire circumstances.

Are the majority of your problems internal or external? (are your emotions getting to you, or is your physical situation breaking you down?)

Internal, however external events don't help.
A mix of both where they feed off each other.
External situations bring me down.

Are you going to contact me, a guardian, or seek help?

No, I doubt it.
I might, depends on my result.
Maybe, but likely.
Yes, definitely.