what is your personality? (25)

what kind of person are you take this quiz and find out. You may be surprised of what you got

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if someone bumps into u what do you do

its cool just keep walking
you tell them they ruined your new shirt
you tell them watch it I have a party to go to
tell them its okay
You get mad because they knocked over your books

What do you do if you get invited to party

No I will pass I need to study
No thank you I have better things to do
I will just go to see if people is going to be ok
Forget studying I have been waiting for this
Yay let me get my shiny shoes

What is your fav color

doesn't matter
Party colors
don't have one

what do you do if you see someone getting bullied

go help them
I cant ruin my new clothes
I have to go to class
don't get involved

what do you do in your spare time

help people
go to a party
what normal people do

someone fell in the hallway at school what do you do

help them up
I can get my clothes dirty
i got to hurry up and go to class and learn
not get involved
I have to go to dance class

you have 1,000 dollar what do you do with it

send it to people in need
on things i need