What Kaiju Are You?

What Kaiju Are You?

This Quiz Will Help You Choose Which Kaiju To Be! (KAIJU FANS ONLY) , Take This Quiz And Find Out!

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What Species Are You?

Mutated Ankylosaurus
A BIIG Reptile
A Colony Of Microscopic Organisims
A Shape-Shifting Super Monster
A Divine Moth
A Giant Species Of Prehistoric Dragonfly
A Mutated Lobster
A Mutated Toad
A Prehistoric Dragonfly Queen
A Mutated Condor
A Winged Prehistoric Creature Of An Unknown Species
A Prehistoric Creature Of An Unknown Species
A Three Headed Dragon
A Prehistoric Species Of Crocodile
A Giant Mutant Pterosaur
A Mutated Stone Crab
A Mecha-Eagle Built By The U.N
A Robotic Henchman
A Clone
A Flying Cyborg
An Aquatic Cyborg
An Alien Cuttlefish
An Evolved Dragonfly
The Larva Of A Giant Moth
A DARK Divine Moth
The Larva Of A DARK Divine Moth

What Is Your Origin?

An Ankylosaurus Who Survived The K-T Mass Extinction Who Mutated And Now Is BIG!
An Alpha Predator Who Keeps EVERYTHING In Check
A Precambrian Colony Of Organisims
A Super Monster In The Depths Of The Himalayas
A Prehistoric Megafauna Moth Who Rules Infant Island
A Species Of Prehistoric Dragonfly Who Keeps Smaller Insects In Check
A Lobster Resting At The Bottom Of The Sea, But Then, Gets Mutated
A Toad Who Wandered Too Close To A Nuclear Power Plant Then BAM! A New Kaiju!
A Queen Dragonfly Who Has Been Around Since Before The Dinosaurs
A Condor Who Flew Too Close To The Red Bamboo Island Then, A New Species Of Giant Bird!
A Winged Creature Who First Popped Up In The Permian
A Creature Discovered In A Spore Underground
A Space Titan Who Popped Up Out Of Nowhere
A Giant Crocodile Who Came Up Out Of Nowhere And Destroyed San Francisco
A Stone Crab Living On Another Planet Mutated By Electromagnetic Waves
A Few Bits Of Metal, Then BAM!
A Mech Built By Aliens To Take Over Earth
A Bit Of DNA Turned Into A Giant Space Titan
A Flying Dino Who Traveled To Earth To Do One Thing. Do The Gigan Dance
An Aquatic Dino Who Came To Earth To Do One Thing. Cause Explosions
A Cuttlefish On An Alien Planet Who Swims All Day
The Servant Of A Queen Dragonfly Who Just So Happened To Eat Radiation.
A Giant Grub Who Has To EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A Prehistoric Moth Who DESTROYS ALL HUMANS

What Is Your Personality?

Rough And Tough
A Leader
Don't Care About ANYONE
A Jock
A Geek
A Get-To-The-Point Person
A Multi-Tasker
A Hoper
A Planner
A Guardian Of Stuff
A Collector
A Gamer
A Rebel

What Is Your Hometown?

The Hell Creek Formation
The Bottom Of The Ocean
The Coast Of Japan
In A Mountain
Infant Island
A Prehistoric Mangrove
The Red Bamboo Island
The Dream Realm
A Jungle
A Gorge
A Government Lab
A Spore
The Pacific Ocean
The Rocky Mountains
An Alien Ocean
The U.N Offices
The Mysterian Planet
A Test Tube
An Alien Planet
A Submerged Alien Planet
An Alien Coral Reef
A Hive
A Coccoon
An Underground Colony

And Finally, What Is Your Role?

Second-In-Command Of The Earth Defenders
Leader Of The Earth Defenders
Bruiser Of The Mutants
Shape-Shifter Of The Mutants
The Humanity-Worrier Of The Earth Defenders
The Little Guy Of The Earth Defenders
The Tank Of The Mutants
The Parkourist Of The Mutants
The Flyer Of The Mutants
The Meatshield Of The Earth Defenders
The Rocket Of The Aliens
The Elcectro Person Of The Mutants
The Leader Of The Aliens
The Water Guy Of The Mutants
The Intimidator Of The Mutants
The Ship-Destroyer Of The Aliens
The Ranged Fighter Of The Global Defense Force
The One-Weapon-Guy Of The Aliens
The Leader Of The Mutants
The Laser Guy Of The Aliens
The Second-In Command Of The Aliens
The Strategizer Of The Aliens
The Messenger Of The Earth Defenders
The Trapper Of The Earth Defenders
The Flying Destroyer Of The Mutants
The Walking Destroyer Of The Mutants