What kind of Londoner are you?

What kind of Londoner are you?

The Cumberland Hotel greets thousands of guest every months, and everyone has a different approach to London. Find out what kind of Londoner you are and discover what you should be looking for in this vibrant city.

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What's the first thing you look for in a hotel?

Nice food
Sport facilities
A good atmosphere
A beautiful room

How do you like to visit London?

On foot
With a guide
In a taxi
When out jogging

What is your favourite event held in London?

Fashion Week
Hyde Parks's Winter Wonderland
Chelsea Flower Show

What word best describes the city of London for you?


What's your favourite activity to do in London?

Visit famous landmarks and monuments
Train for a sporting event
Have a picnic in Hyde park
Plan a fun night out

What do you look for when you first arrive in London?

A Bar
A Hotel
A Gym
A Restaurant