Which Wolfie form are you?

Are you a big Wolfie fan? If you are, take this quiz! See which Wolfie you really are.

published on September 22, 201576 responses 18
Which Wolfie form are you?
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Which would you rather be?

Big, alarming and fluffy.
Cute, scaly, chubby and short
Chubby, average sized, fluffy, adorable and joyful and hungry.
Regular sized, annoying, orange and sweet.
Ignorant, but cool and just a person that doesn't give one f*ck.

Which would you rather eat?

Fruit flavored gems
LOTS of cupcakes and gallons of ice cream!
ANYTHING! Bacon, pizza...
Anything the chicks cook. *Winks* But I hate when my food have too much salt...you know what? F*CK SALT!
(Me: Um? ...)
Anything that'll satisfy me, as soon as it doesn't harm me in any way or slow me down.

Who are you when you're at school?

The annoying one
The cool kid
The teacher's pet
The misunderstood
The hungry one

Any activities that you prefer?

Wrestling! >:3 I love to show off how big I am!
I sleep and eat. :T Nothing from me!
Anything that'll help me do better in life.
Keeping everyone safe
I just want to do drugs, skip school and hang with the ladies!
(Me: Um....
You: Shut up, b!tch...
Me: Excuse me?)

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