Does he like you? (15)

Does he like you? Are you guys stuck in the friend-zone or do you two have a relationship in the future?

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Do you text?

Not at all! Why would he talk to me?
Yes. We're good friends.
Not unless I need to get the homework or something.
I don't have a phone (This will not count against you or for you)

Do people tease that you two are a 'thing'

Yes and he blushes!
Not really, once or twice.

Do you two talk/ hang out?

Yes I'm one of his friends but I don't fit in with him and his other friends
Not unless we have to
Every once in a while we chat and then we enjoy it but forget about it.
No he doesn't care

Which of these have happened?

We bumped into each other and had an awkward moment
We touched (not in a romantic/inappropriate way)
We've held hands (but we had to)
We've kissed but that was a while ago/idk if it meant anything.
None of these

Does he have a girlfriend or crush?

IDK if he has a crush. At least he doesn't say anything about who he likes.
Everyone says he likes me and he denies it and blushes.
He admits he likes me.
He likes someone else and everyone always teases him about it, but I still think he might like me even though we're just friends.
He likes someone else but he could like me
He has a girlfriend. But they aren't close.
He has a girlfriend
He just got out of a relationship.

Does he glance at you or stare at you? (Don't just click what seems is like the answer that will make it say he likes you as a result!)

Yeah, he stares at me a lot in class but when I look over at him he keeps on staring/looks back forward again.
Sometimes but we flirt all the time as kind of a joke.
Every once in a while I'll catch him glancing at me.
No he doesn't look at me ever. As if I'm not in existence!
He doesn't but I think he likes me.
He know I exist but he doesn't glance at me.

When you see him at social events what do you do?

Wave and smile maybe chat a but
Wave and smile maybe chat but he's lost with his friends
stare and take pictures of him
dance/swim/party and talk to him

Does he ever 'bump' into you or nudge you?

Yes! All the time! But it's because he doesn't like me! We're enemies practically.
Yes, at lunch he'll kick me or something.
No, but I catch him when he's about to.
His friends dare him to.

Do his friends like you or mess with you and your friends? (BE HONEST)

Yeah, sometimes they mess with me or hang out with me.
No not really but I think my crush likes me though.
No not at all. I exist too!
They don't like me. They won't go away! They follow me everywhere and mess with my stuff! Jerks!
They hang out with me and talk to me a lot! OR they are my friends.

Do your friends always talk about him?

Yeah but the know I like him that's why.
Not really
No they don't say anything except "He doesn't' like you!" or "Stop dreaming!"

Does everyone say he likes you?

Not really, they don't know if he likes me or anyone

Did this help so far (will not count against you)

IDK could you just get to the results.
Yes! So wonderful! Thank you!