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Her and Him--Them? (Not a love story)
Trigger warning!: Self harm mentions + An anorexic character. Each chapter will alternate between 'her' and 'him' telling their stories day by day. When the time comes for the story to end will recovery and happiness and futu...
17 reads 11 readers 5 by Sa55ygirl
PENUMBRA is a Reaper, like generations before her - but her true calling is to the Light. AURORA is a Light-Bringer, like all of the rest of her family - but she can't help but feel the pull to the Dark. PENUMBRA has just escap...
16 reads 6 readers 2 by GalacticBiRavenclaw
babes // fem!style one-shot
going to the cemetery (10:27 pm) and? (10:29 pm) you can come (10:30 pm) be there in 10 (10:31 pm) // one-shot
3 reads 3 readers 0 by teen.idle
Simon Stuarts is in a coma. He has been for the past three months now. Ever since being involved in his grandfather’s car accident, Simon hasn’t done as much as opened his eyes. He just slumbers restlessly in the white hospital...
5 reads 4 readers 0 by twinkle.dinkles
Its Fun to Die on The Oregon Trail!
Basically my whole experience in that old game summed up into an awful crack story about my amazing friends and I
11 reads 8 readers 10 by twinkle.dinkles
Colors of the Rainbow
In the rare usage of 2nd POV in novels, this series brings to life the joy of loving someone. The emotions and feelings you have throughout a relationship, or simply throughout your journey to make them yours. This is like a "C...
8 reads 8 readers 1 by HarajukuCat
abortion and why i agree with it
reasons why i agree with abortion, these are not opinions written down these are facts with evidence put behind it in why abortion should be safe and legal
37 reads 18 readers 1 by memes_and_communism
We Got Screwed Over By A Kidnapper
An unimportant, insignificant group of various characters are kidnapped by a guy with a cupcake obsession.
14 reads 8 readers 0 by StoriesNStuff
❤️🧡💛💚💙💜it wasn’t until that night that his eyes opened up, and he could truly understand what was wrong with this world💜💙💚💛🧡❤️ (tw— abuse, homophobia, some gay slurs here and there)
30 reads 19 readers 2 by twinkle.dinkles
Snap Squared
Draco Malfoy is so, so done. He's sick of fighting for an oh-so-pretentious Dark Lord just because his stupid parents decided to sign themselves up for some good old genocidal racism. He's sick of denying all of his own feeling...
8 reads 7 readers 0 by enemyofentropy
it had returned
another, another notification. please help me. i’m dying. i can’t continue on with these dull red words
13 reads 13 readers 6 by bleshou
qfeast wants me to post
qfeast won’t leave me alone oh my gosh why what the heck do you mean i need more words
24 reads 17 readers 2 by bleshou
You're My World.
My ocs Penelope and Louise being gay n cute i guess lmfao its better than the description i promise ((oneshot))
4 reads 4 readers 2 by Ghosty.Boo
Barbara has been away from her wicked wonderland for far too long, and now she's falling too quickly.
8 reads 8 readers 0 by teen.idle
Just a few bits from stories I might write— Tell me if they’re okay. I might put some on here in the future? ?
6 reads 6 readers 0 by twinkle.dinkles
If we met- Qfeast Club
Well, here we go. Basically, this came with an idea. "What if we met? You know, qfeasters. And we were all in the same school. That would be cool." So, here we go.
241 reads 46 readers 41 by RaspberryJello
Lungs of Ink
Two siblings, one named Samantha, the other being Johnathan. Both are fighting for something, a cure to Samantha's illness. William Bedford is a writer, a quite famous one. It all fell when he lost his wife and daughter to ...
91 reads 31 readers 1 by RaspberryJello
Bite Me
Kara Nuni is a vampire. She was born this way. She never even hurt a fly. But when she found out Sesa was abandoned recently, she begins to feel herself change. Only... Who will she change into?
79 reads 20 readers 14 by xXEmo_KingXx