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Do you like Calvin and Hobbes?
I do! It is my favorite comic!
5 / 0 by Moofle
what fictional person would you like a president ?
This is a riddle!!!!!!!!!!
There were 10 copycats on a boat. One of them jumped off. How many copycats are there on the boat?
96 / 117 by Funkylizzie150
If you were to get a body modification, what would it be?
I'd probably get the Hylian Crest tattooed on my back, a triforce on my left hand, and maybe I'd get plastic surgery for pointed ears. (Yes, I'm THAT big of a fan)
11 / 8 by breann.west.5
whats your opinion on BreLink? (Bree and i)
be honest
7 / 11 by Kinky_Linky
Do you think that abortion should be legal? Why or why not?
Do you think that abortion should be legal? Why or why not? This is NOT to start drama or cause arguments; if you start being rude to people, I will either edit or delete your comments/answers. Thanks!
68 / 279 by vive_la_revolution
Who do you think is the best actor / actress?
Why Is Being Non Religious Such A Bad Thing.. When Every Day I'm Forced To Be?
I think the whole religious crap is really stupid because its against gays. And I don't give a crap who you are that isn't right! they should be able to love just as everyone else can! And That I always get comments and people ...
75 / 254 by Mary_chan
Finish this sentence, When life gives you lemons,___.
Qfeast WWFFY?
Okay, so hears the deal! I missed my old WWFFY, a lot. But I know I can't create a new one because it'll leave my old one in the dark and I can't make a sequel to a sequel so I thought why not do something else? So, why not do ...
9 / 2 by sapphirethehedgehog
Is faith really enough?
I am a proud atheist, and I believe that there is no higher power. I have asked multiple Christians what proof they have that there is a god, but all of them have said that faith is enough. Some have also told me that there is ...
22 / 67 by GalacticBiRavenclaw
What's the most obsessive fandom to you, dear friends?
Me, can't decide. FNAF and Creepypasta are tied. Fangirls constantly fight over who's hotter, Jeffy-kun or Slender. The fandoms would be cool without the OBSESSIVE fans living in Mama's basement.
9 / 9 by ThreeCheersForSweetBrownies
Who wants to star in Scarlette's story? (updated version)
Well, I've decied to do an update on Scarlette's story and decide to remake it. So if anyone's sonic ocs want to be in it. Heres' the description: Name(full name): Age: Species: Gender: In a relationship: If so, than who?: Pers...
10 / 0 by Rarely
What's your favourite thing about Christmas
I love Christmas what is your favourite thing . . . Mines everything about it I'm currently listening to Christmas music
10 / 0 by memes_and_communism
what is your favourite anime character? (1)
Out of these people, who do you choose to be your best friend?
Here's the list of people: 1. Slenderman 2. JeffTheKiller 3.Ben 4. Freddy Krueger 5. Jason Voorhees 6. The Boogeyman 7. Esther 8. Michael Myers 9. Chucky 10. EVERYBODY!!!!!
24 / 11 by XXxSilentHopexXX
Do u care about me? And why do u care about me?
11 / 0 profile questionby Maryanxtaillsdoll
Sonic WWFY Number Four!
Yes! Another Sonic WWFY! My fourth one. I know I literally made one yesterday, but I really want to be more active! It's called Our Future, In Your Hands.
1 / 1 profile questionby Rainbow_Fluff
Do you think wolves are awesome?
Wolves are very fascinating. I love them.
18 / 0 by audrey.wolfsaver
What's your favorite song? (2)
What's your favorite song? Comment.. 😐
11 / 2 by HarpyShades8