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My Diary (1)
Hi my name is Stan Marsh this is my diary. i don’t know why the fück i have to censor the f word or why i have to make the description so fücking long.
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why estella is god
okay so y’all hoes really be lying about the celeste is god thing YALL NEVER EVEN HEARD OF ESTELLA SOO yall should read this thankz
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dip is canon real version
so heres a real life story of how dip is canon no cap all facts all periodt luv xx
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song lyrics (1)
just my favorite songs and the lyrics basically i guess. sksk and i oop.
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why korekiyo is best
well basically korekiyo is so daddy.. and im here telling you guys about it because ?✌? i love him
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i’ve been having flashback lately. like, i’ve been remembering good things from the past and i’d like to share.
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hi I've been in jail for a couple years, here's my story. enjoy and grab some popcorn.
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fouren kidz x reder
basically. just da foren kidss and stuff idek but like u date foren kids
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marjorine x heidi
marjorine and heidi have a sleepover they gfs and have a lesbian orgy with every female in southpark.
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