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who is the most negative person on qfeast?
cannot be urself :^)
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what should i name my future cat?
im getting a cat in the future but i have no names in mind except for Hermes : ( pls help me! meow uwu
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who do y'all relate to the most on qfeast?
if qfeast asks me to post more shit im going to bash their heads in with my foot
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What should I be fer Halloween?
pls help, I've never dressed up fer this
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Do you think NoMAPs should be put on the watchlist?
NoMAP stands for "Non-Offensive Minor-Attracted Person". So basically pedophiles who don't touch children.
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Why do you stay on Qfeast? *PLEASE read the descripton*
Please don't say "I stay for my friends", because I know that's the main reason. Is there any other reason than that?
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How old does this man look?
i want to know your opinion. and i also want rep points, don't @ me
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What's a phrase you associate your friend(s) with?
i just want more rep point, ok
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What is life for you?
Please be serious and use no curse words. This is for a grade and I'm supposed to write an essay about people's lives. Be descriptive and write a whole paragraph if you'd like! Thank you.
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Ferret Names?
I might get a ferret and I really want to know some names if I get it. Suggestions? (I might not use these, but I'd like to know any ideas! Thanks!)
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Who do you talk to on Qfeast every day?
friendship is great c:
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What is your New Year's resolution for 2017?
If you have one, what is it and why?
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what do you think of me? (5)
negative or positive or both, idgaf be honest also i need rep points : (
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Who's in your Qfeast squad?
If you have one
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If you're in an abusive relationship, what do you do?
so like, if it's emotionally/verbally/physically abuse and you don't have enough strength to walk away, what do you do
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What do you think you're the #1 of on this site?
Well? In your opinion, what do you think you're the #1 fan of on this site? (Please no arguing.)
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Friendship Issues?
I think during my Art class, this person and I relate more than we do out of art class. Like, we joke, talk, relate, etc, etc, but whenever we are outside of class, (we're in the same squad) we hardly even talk. Like, I really ...
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Can you consider to be anorexic then be anorexic?
So upon talking to someone on Qfeast, they said said they will consider anorexia. Is that even possible? I'm trying to understand how it is; please correct me if I'm wrong. (I will debate)
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Who Do You Have A Crush On?
Do you have one on Qfeast or irl?
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I'm really attached and confused...
I honestly need new friends. It's not just them, it's me too, but here's what's going on. Some of them, no, most of them, don't care about their future. They don't really care about their grades or bettering themselves. I feel...
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