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Elvis Presley appreciation page
y’all need to improve your tastes in music lmao elvis is actually amazing, this is a page to appreciate our king of music ❤️
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So this is for those people who appreciate the movie- because I for one loved it.
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Create A Character With Me!
I’ll ask questions, and you’ll chose an answer! I’ll update with concept drawings and finish it off with a big drawing of our character! Inspired by DrawingWiffWaffles
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Qfeast Drawings: Share Your Drawings and Requests, Get Reviews
Do you like to draw? Come in. Talk about your drawings, sketches, any advice you need, constructive critique. The Official Qfeast Drawings page
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Cards against Humanity!
Come play Cards Against Humanity with meee. I’ll post the links to games here if anyonand s interested— (pLEASE be interested, i want to playyy)
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Nias Appendix
Nia has no appendix, help me make fun of him because people who don’t have appendixes are L O S E R S
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Gamers Only
we- oh hang on,, *ties hair up and puts on epic headphones epic gamer style* We don't need 'em dang gorls, 'cause we got minecafts 'nd street fighter 'nd all of our gamer needs! (except the fort game that won't be spoken of) Fr...
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Drama Group. (People with roblox only allowed)
This Group is like a group where I will put on a play, in ROBLOX, if you join this group without ROBLOX, make a ROBLOX account and I will allow you in.
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