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A page to talk too one of my friends
A page with some words in it kk got it okay cool also avengers endgame was cool
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Creepypasta memes!
Yes you read the name this is a page just for creepypasta memes well you can post just pictures too but it's just for memes. That is what the name says right. Well have fun cracking up laughing and stuff. Now let's do dis! The ...
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Qfeasters of the day!
I will do a contest for two weeks and give points to the qfeasters of the day.one point for being on the board and two for being at the top of the board,and their is two ways to get bonus points.1 is that you comment the post 6...
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i guess this is a page to teach each other how to draw stuff join and we all post helpful tutorials we help each other out boo
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Band Kids Cult
If you’re a band kid come here. Talk about band, show us your instruments and uniforms and stuff, hold the Orchestra kids hostage and sacrifice them to the band gods, all the normal band kid stuff.
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