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Recommend characters are closed :(
I'm sorry no more characters but look in the answers to vote on a character to join the battle the 5 characters with the most votes joins the battle!
5 / 5 by Firey_is_back
besides the Master-ball, what is your favorite poke-ball?
-3- the reason I chose to not count the Master-ball as a answer would be owo well -3- it would obviously be the most picked so I thought it would be more interesting
18 / 3 by Tariyukimew
Die young, or live forever?
3 / 2 by Jump4theSun
Which is True? Which is False? Think through your answer.
The sentance below is true. The sentance above is false.
3 / 1 by Jump4theSun
What is your favourite dinosaur and why?
what is your favorite dinosaur and why. Mine is the spinosaurus. Also try my impossible quiz and my Jurassic park quiz
9 / 4 by Bladeking68
Wanna join the mlp OC contest? (2018) till october
Hi! This is an oc contest. It needs to be mlp or eg. You just put your oc in my oc contest and I will announce the winner. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: . Name your oc, don't copy Hasbro or other qfeasters. . Do not copy other qfeaste...
1 / 0 profile questionby Sparkle_Heart
Do you like food?
Food is amazing and delicious and fun to my opinion. Do you feel the same way?
3 / 3 by ASadExcuseForAHuman
what is your favourite type of chewing gum and what flavour?
yum, yum bubble gum, stick it up the teacher's bum!
40 / 59 by puppies
Why do people not support marriage equality/gay marriage?
I know a lot of people who think being gay is a sin, or whatever. I want to know WHY they think that. I know there's something about it in the bible, but there is always adoption. I know you say that children need a mom and a d...
91 / 495 by GalacticBiRavenclaw
When life gives you Lemons what do you with them?
Sorry im boring very curious and sorry for the jeremike image
91 / 156 by dreamdream1223