About Stop_The_Derpabuse

  • Hi.
    Do you want to know a little about me?
    Ok then!
    My name is Aizlynn
    I live within the U.S. (not saying where for dem hackerz)
    My birthday is on July 6th
    I am a huge Inanimate Insanity and BFDI fan.
    My favorite charaters from ii are Lightbulb, Test tube, Paintbrush, Yin-yang, and suitcase (cheesy at 6th)
    My favorite bfdi charaters are the alliance (except match because she is mean), GB, TB, spongy, rockey, and ice cube
    I cant wait for the 13th episode of ii season 2! Its soppost to come out arround October.
    I also like to use the word OMGA, which lightbulb uses alot, which means 'omg'.
    I am the creater of NetherWorks Productions (I will put it as a future YT channel name as well as a Qfeast name next month)
    Lastly, you should follow these people:
    Ps. My favorite bfb charaters are death pact (the whole team), Pin, Gb, Tb, Fanny, Bubble, Barf bag, Naily, and Taco.

    For @Derpyderpjuice :

    If nobody is there to love you
    We will give you care.
    In the darkest times
    We will be there
    Your not alone
    Qfeast is your second family tree
    You shouldent hurt yourself
    You will hurt me.
  • Gender Female
  • Born on July 06, 2006
  • Works at NetherWorks Productions
  • High School Umm.
  • Joined Qfeast on March 31, 2018
  • Previous Username (last 6 months) NetherWorks