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Anyone else remember Pajama Sam?
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What is worse than Covid-19?
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Give me the most cursed username of all time.
Do it and I will give you a prize
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Who is best waifu?
I kinda just wanna see what some weebs on here think so ya know And do whatever man I really don't care
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Anyone know any good online games?
Finally got my chrome book to work and I have forgotten all the online games that i used to play so I was wondering if anyone knew any good online games I could play
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I think I like my bff, what do I do?
I have known him for three almost four years now. Me and him have gotten pretty close over the years and I have become more open to him. We have been talking and we do so on a daily basis or whenever we can. We always make each...
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Weebs, what are your top 5 animes?
My top 5: 1. Inuyasha 2. JJBA 3. DBZ 4. Akame ga kill 5. Pokemon: black and white
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Do you read Qfeast's guidelines?
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What foods should me eat while binge watching anime?
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What is nut butter?
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How do I politely tell this person they are boring?
Okay this person I talk to is no fun to talk with because whenever I bring something up they only respond with "Fun" and "Oh?" And other one word responses how do I tell them they are boring?
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