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What is your darkest truth?
What’s your deep, dark truth that not many people know about? I’m no judge, feel free to say anything. 🤗
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Any Problems or Need to Talk? Ask here.
Kon’nichiwa! Ni Hao! If you have a question, or would like to talk, please do. I do not mind many questions.
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What do you want the most for Christmas?
What is the most honest thing you could ever ask for Christmas? It can be anything, from Pokémon existing, or something as simple as an action figure. Nobody can criticize each other’s present wishes though! That’s a big no.
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Why does it happen?
When I was 7, I had cancer. The doctors, tested me for an entire year. I had a unusual cancer. A nervous system Germinoma, on the pituitary stalk. The first to be accurate though. I didn’t understand why I had to take so many t...
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Anyone at Sacred Hearts Academy?
Does anyone go sacred hearts academy? Don't answer if you don't go please.
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Is it strange to chase things?
I don't understand why. People think I am weird cause I love to chase insects, to animals. I love to chase crane mantis's, mongoose, lizards, butterflies, dragonflies, birds, and much more! Most of the time, I like to catch the...
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What's wrong with differences?
why do people criticize each other? Everyone is different. No one is like another, but these days, it's different. People are copying each other. It's monkey see, monkey do. Everyone just be yourselves already! Find friends wh...
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