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on Wednesday
on Wednesday
added a new chapter to Dark poems
Why am I here?
Why am I alive?
Why am I breathing?
Why the f*ck am I still here?
Please just kill me.
Shoot me.
End my pain.

No one hears my cries.
My calls of help.
My calls to be saved.
No one must care.
If no one cares,
Why stay?
Why do I "need" to be here?

All I cause is pain.
I have no reason to remain.
I've held back for as long as I can.
Its time.
Time for me to say goodbye.
This is the end.
I'm finished.
I'm done.
Take the gun,
Three, two,
on Wednesday
Look what personality I've got! What about you? hold here wht
Congratulations!! You got all of them!! You have great stamina, balance, wisdom, eyesight, hearing, and a trouble escaper!!!
on Wednesday
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River Of Red
River Of Red
I lay by the river stained in blood red,
evil thoughts appear in my head,
I grin at the soon to be mangled corpses of the dead,
my anger erupts,
violent and abrupt,

I pull out my gun,
they scream and run,
I laugh as I shoot them down one by one,

he begs on his knees trembles and cries,
I feel no empathy I want him to die,
his eyes widen as I unsheathe my knife,
he stares in horror he know's in strife,
I cut his neck open into a big red grin,
I am the evilest of all the sins, ...
on Wednesday
added a new chapter to Dark poems
They call me Crazy
They call me Crazy
They call me crazy
They call me I'll
They whisper and stare
and make me shrill

I am not crazy
I am sane
I know the truth
I will not be blamed

I saw her death
horrible and cruel
She had screamed
like a fool

She came back to me
Deaf and pale
letting out this horrible wail

They call me crazy
They call me ill
They whisper and stare
and make me shrill

I am not crazy
I am sane
I will swear on my life
That I saw a man murder Jessica Bane.
on Wednesday
added a new chapter to Dark poems
In my Corner
In my Corner
I'm waiting here
All alone
I haven't had a place to go
Many years pass
On and on they go
Go on for oh so long
And me?
I'm just sitting here

In a corner
So dark and cold
Yet it has grown to be my home
If you saw
I swear you'd think
I'm nothing more than a sad ugly creature
Who probably has not breathed

I'm curled up alone
In this peaceful cold corner
I smell a strong sent
One of which I grew around
One of salt, metal
It is as you think

So much pain and sorrow fills my very soul
on Wednesday
added a new chapter to Dark poems
I hear...
My screams and howls of agony as they resound off of these chamber walls.

I see...
The blurred glares of the lights above me, tinted red from the blood in my eyes.

I taste...
The blood that flows from my severed tongue.

I smell...
The copper of blood,
the stainless steel knife in my captor's hand,
and the melting heat of the lights above me.

I feel...
The slicing pain of my captor's knife
as it slides through my skin and flesh,
and the fading of my heartbeat
as I ...
on Wednesday
added a new chapter to Dark poems
The Man with Two Heads
The Man with Two Heads
The man had two heads
and two separate personalities
one was quite passionate about life
the other was unfulfilled

they shared one p**is
one made love to his girlfriend
and the other fu**ed her
and on that dark stormy night
evil thoughts blazed through his mind
and he murdered her

the other twin was distraught
but he knew he couldn’t go to the police
for he would be imprisoned

eventually, his grief ripped a hole
through his heart
and he began strangling his dear brother
to death maybe

on Wednesday
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Black night
face full of fright
body rigid, tight
scared to move
feel like I am glued, to the spot

strange what fear can do
make you see and feel things
that maybe are not there
I wonder
if I let you hurt me, will you care

is that a type of caring
painful sharing
you cut me , I cut you
gut you, like a pig
stick your head on a pole
lick my wounds, and calmly stroll , away
leaving you to decay

serves you right for mistaking me
as a vulnerable stray
a dog, a thing ,
I am none of those
I per...
on Wednesday
added a new chapter to Dark poems
The Dark Mind of a Killer
The Dark Mind of a Killer
I know you hear me
Why do you ignore me?
I will always be here
Deep within the depths of your mind
I will never leave
Why do you deny me?

You know who I am
I am you
You, when you think of hurting her
You know you want to
You cant deny it
Oh, you know once you do it
You will get a rush out of it

Come on, it just takes one time
Hurt her, make her cry
and you will be content
Oh such a rush!
Just one time and
You will be hooked

You can do it
She deserved i...
on Wednesday
added a new chapter to Dark poems
My Love
My Love
My love, my love.
Oh, where could you be?
Six feet under and waiting for me.

My heart, my soul,
Please breath for me.
The sickness dwells
in you and in me.

Take away my pain,
Please show no shame~
I will love you forever,
And never ever say 'never'.
You are perfect for me,
we think the same way you see.

The way we see things eye to eye,
The loneliness that hides inside.
Sing a song to drowned the pain,
And drink enough beer,
to forget the shame,
of a long lost love.

But no wait!
on Wednesday
added a new chapter to Dark poems
The Lady Killer
The Lady Killer
A lady killer,
in every sense of the term.
You beat in there heads,
and leave them to burn.

The mistakes they've made,
for having a kind heart.
The regret they save,
Keep that for the best part.

When you where left by a lover,
her beauty like non other.
You wanted noting more,
then to beat her head in.

You only search for the best,
nothing more.. nothing less.
Your heart burns with rage,
that all those girls will live to see another day.

Your good looks and charm,
trick them to ...
on Wednesday
added a new chapter to Dark poems
I killed my son
I killed my son
Last year I was forced to kill my son.
I shot him in the back with my gun.

He beat me and my wife and the beatings never ceased.
My wife always stopped me when I was going to call the police.

He beat the hell out of us even though we were his mom and dad.
My wife thought there was good in him but he was 100 percent bad.

The pain was something that my wife and I hate to tote.
One day I saw him holding a knife to his mother's throat.

I got my pistol out of a drawer and I fired a shot.
If yo...
on Wednesday
added a new chapter to Dark poems
Pretty Scene
Pretty Scene
She sits on her stool in front of her vanity,
Brushing her hair and humming a tune,
The feel of darkness and evil is thick in the air,
Yet it goes unnoticed by her,
Out of the shadow I step,
My most prized knife in my hand,
An insane smile on my lips,
I step behind her, raising my knife,
The blade follows a rhythm,
Blood files everywhere and screams fill my ears,
The psychotic laughter spins around the bloody room,
Blood dripping down my face, chest, arms, everywhere,
My hair swi...
on Wednesday
added a new chapter to Dark poems
I have a rage inside me. Something I need to control, but I do not want to.
I know that should I fail to control it, bad things will happen.
It will be worse than how it is now. But
I still want to release it. Not
In the way of batting cages, or drawing, or writing, but
In the way of violence. Real, painful violence. Never towards myself. Not anymore.

Her is who I want to
Hit. Over and over, until my
Hands are bleeding, and then more. Until I
Hear her stop crying for
Help. And her
Head h...
on Wednesday
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Through Her Skin.
Through Her Skin.
In haughty, yet elegant tone,
I say to you "do this to me,"
and I point at the arabesque
vines in the courtyard.
Found in jovial play, the knife
you gave my body with the wilted
roses from your hands.
Hands that pilfer! Hands that shake
as they cut into me.
Forever of redolence; the
thorns in my side, and your blue eyes,
so lustful, they still rip into me.
on Wednesday
added a new chapter to Dark poems
Fallow Me (PG 13 intense words used)
Fallow Me (PG 13 intense words used)
Fallow Me
unto the deep
Come Sacrifice the damned with me
Rape the dead
To pillage the living

Do you even care about your own being
Ill tear you apart and
Murder thee with a serpents kiss
Gods not a coward
He's just dead

Tourment the children who know despicable lies
The Lost echoes of a thousand lives
Fallow me into the grave
I learned from Azazel to worship there dying cries
come out of hiding you know whats at steak
Its time to be punished

Claiming were equals was your last mista...
on Wednesday
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Murder and Suicide
Murder and Suicide
I lie motionless
On the cold hard ground
The rain, merciless
I look to the char

Barren black clouds high
I smile as my life
Is gone in a flash
I am soaked in blood

A true fatal bath
I bit my tongue,
So i cannot say
The one who did this,

Who filled me with hate
I reach for the knife
To remove my frown
A chelsea smile place

Upon my damned face
I begin to drown,
Choking in my blood
At least one things clear,

Ill smile in death's warm
Fiery embrace
Physical pain cant
Begin to compare,...
on Wednesday
ima do this whole one on murder then do a separate story for my other dark poems
on Tuesday
added a new chapter to Dark poems
I wait in the alley watching for her.
She doesn't notice me waiting, lurking.
People see a beauty wearing white fur.
I see nothing but meat, sweet butchering

I smell the fear she gets when she hears me
pleasure and thrill engulfs the predator.
as I get closer she begins to see
She will soon be sent to her creator.

I pull my blade from my belt, fun begins.
The gap closes heart racing, she panics.
She runs quicker, faster, my arm extends.
I grab firmly, the rite is satanic.

I open her neck ...
on Tuesday