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Jeremy. Can't. Floss. (A Crack One-Shot)
so, guys... I have a writers' block isn't that neat! So basically I'm going to write this CRACK fic about the fact that Jeremy Heere absolutely cannot floss. ENJOY!
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You Have To Understand- (a Be More Chill one shot)
This one is going to be focusing on Jeremy and Mr.Heere. It's a coming out sort of thing, but in the story Mr.Heere is just a little bit homophobic. So Jeremy is trying to convince him that it's okay and everything, to avoid ha...
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It Smells like Weed- (a Boyf/riends one shot)
This is my first one shot/fanfiction you swines, so do not judge me if it's poorly written. This is a short story of the two dudes- Michael Mell and Jeremy Heere- taking place in post-SQUIP time. They aren't together just yet, ...
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About My AU!
I have this AU called LossTale! I just wanted to tell you all about it so you'd, well, so you'd know about it idk!
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Slenderman (1)
I no need scription. What do ya think it it, pumpkins? Yes... Now quit reading this and read the story!
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How It All Began...
This is a story of true love, and based all on a true story. When I found the love of my life. I've been through a lot, and I'm going to share it with qfeast.
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Diary Of A Cringey Kid
It's just my diary guys, don't be snoopy yessh. Don't you read this, I command you nut to!
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It's like, frisk's reaction to undertale, it's a bit like if undertale was realistic but different and more derped XD. Also the pictures may have nothing to do with the story!
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ok im eo done
donedonedone im literally done with all of this i'm sorry i am so done
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the great undertale rp! #3: MORE
okay i realized that not a lot of people are reading these, so i have decided to end my series here... unless i get at least 15 comments on here telling me to continue the series, this will be the last
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the great undertale rp! #2: da temmie
dis part 2, i has figure out dat since i do da chaleng... i do the challeng on da story! hOI!
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the great undertale rp! #1
this is a brand new series that i'm starting! it's about well... it says it all in the description! if you want to try to be on here just go to shamchat.com and put undertale in your intrests! all credit goes to shamchat so ple...
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Bill Cipher, part 2
It's STILL not about Bill... It's still about me, it's been a year now and it's summer break... I'm just gonna let you catch up with my life
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Gravity Falls FNAF crossover!: Part 2
Oh, won't you look here, second night! I gotta tell ya, one character will NOT survive in this series! But I'm not tellin!
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Gravity falls FNAF crossover! Part 1
It's just a pizza place, or is it? Here's how it goes, Dipper reads newspaper, tells others, they join in, it's that simple
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bill cipher
its not about bill, its about me! so you can learn all about my life. so read this NOW or you'll be sorry
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