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    Hiya! I'm Max, your local Herb Cookie kinnie. I've recently gotten into quite the obsession with Cookie Run, so here I am to share the love! A few other things I like would be musicals (mainly Be More Chill), Camp Camp, and Steven Universe! I'm not sure just how active I'll be around here, but I'll definitely try my best! I'll mainly be posting art and memes by the way!

    ?Now, let's learn a bit of additional information about me!?

    ?мy мaιn ғandoмѕ?

    ?Camp Camp?
    ☄️Voltron: Legendary Defender☄️
    ?Be More Chill?
    ?Steven Universe?
    ⚔️She-Ra: Princess of Power⚔️
    ❓Sally Face❓
    ?Cookie Run?
    ?Dear Evan Hansen?

    ?preғerred ѕнιpѕ (oтpѕ)?

    ?Boyf/riends (BMC)?
    ?Maxneil (Camp Camp)?
    ?Natsyuri (DDLC)?
    ?Klance (VLD)?
    ?Catradora (She-Ra)?
    ⛅️Basil/Lucas (LoserDex)⛅️
    ?Kleinsen (DEH)?

    ?ѕocιal мedιa?

    ?@bread.loaf.machete (Instagram)?
    ?@bread-loaf-machete (Tumblr)?
    ?@campediem_david (Snapchat)?
    ?@God of Grapes™#7536 (Discord)?
    ?My Cookie Run ID is DMRKG7501?

    ?addιтιonal ιnғorмaтιon?

    ?I'm in band! Concert band and marching band! I play the clarinet!?

    ?My two favorite foods are spaghetti and croissants :0?

    ?I'm bisexual! Everyone's hot!?

    ?I have merch from every one of my fandoms since I was 12. Oops??

    ?I listen to so much music. I'll listen to basically anything but trashy rap and country music.?

    ?I actually suffer from anxiety and depression? Yeah, just a warning :D?

    ?I'm a multishipper, so anything you ship I'm chill with. Even if I don't like it, I'll probably just let you ship what you want?

    ?I'm currently studying music, art, and psychology!?

    ?тнaт'ѕ all ғor now! ιғ yoυ recognιze any oғ мy ғandoмѕ or woυld lιĸe тo тalĸ, or even roleplay, ғeel ғree тo нмυ!?

    Oh my goodness you really read until the end? Thank you so much! You deserve a gift!
    (ノ^∇^)ノ ?

    Actually, can I have that..?
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