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Style ideas for short hair?
I have Military Ball coming up (literally next Friday) and I need to style my hair to go with the dress I'm wearing, but I don't know what to do! Can someone help me? Btw, my dress is red, floor length, has a knee-high slight ...
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Art requests?
Hey, guys. I want to connect with my followers through art so, any requests?
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Favorite Music Artists?
My favorites are Eminem, Set It Off, Breaking Benjamin, and Hollywood Undead
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Should I post me own artwork on here?
I'm wanting to know if anyone here wants to see my artwork
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What's everyone feelings about me?
I just feel like asking bc I get the feeling that I'm not highly liked in some places soo yeah
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Does Anyone believe In Mythical Creatures?
I do. Nothing can have a name without having existed at one point in time
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What's your Favorite Video Game? (2)
Personally, I like Undertale. What about you?
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Favorite Dog breed?
Mine is a husky because I have a pet husky named Fang
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