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scary movie quotes
For those who like scary movies. Hope u enjoy the quotes and find more movies u don't lnow about and maybe watch them I gotta fix it a lityle
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I'm not really sure how to explain the story tbh. just read and i hope you enjoy it ^.^ the pictures were as close to the characters as I could manage. >.>
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A story :p
Its a story about a girl that everything bad happens to, from the least dramatic thing to the worst things possible. i know its shirt but i didnt feel like writing a lot like i usually do. hope u like it
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Stuck on Earth
It's about an angel and demon war. The main characters are Samantha (Sam), Jace, Sarah, Brianna, and Toby. Jace has a brother that is a demon named Drake.
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The Fox
A story about a young girl that gets the ability to turn into a fox after being attacked by a mysterious figure.
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