SBJECT OCR for the Geez font?

Hallo and greetings,

I have recently downloaded a PDF file in HTTPS format onto my computer. I got the free download from the Internet Archive books. The book has text in English (Latin script)
and Amharic (Geez script)

I have tried without a lot of success to select, copy and then paste sections of the book into an editable. Microsoft Word document.

What has happened, the English has copied faithfully but the Amharic has not (the Geez font appears as a jumbled mix of upper and lower case type face).

I do not understand the problem because I have already got Geez font in my Fonts file When I am copying and pasting from IOTA Bible software (downloaded from site) into Microsoft Word it works perfectly well.

I have thought of a way around the problem and that is to actually print out the PDF file and use OCR to scan the sections that I want into a Microsoft Word document.

If there is no simpler way to do the job, what I would like to know: is there available Optical Character Recognition OCR software that works with Geez script?


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