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Who likes anime/manga here?
I'm really curious, since I'm a anime/manga otaku myself, I wonder how many of you are. I wanted to make a manga-inspired story or personal-quiz but that's not gonna work if no one understands it. I don't care if you've seen po...
4 / 0 profile questionby ELINAviolets
Wanna be in my random story
Soo I wanna make a story for us qfeasters where we go through daily life with eachother but its a LOT FUCKKING WEIRDER AND ITS GUN BE GR8 So you in
10 / 0 by TricksterOfLife
Who plays Animal Jam?
Who on Qfeast plays Animal jam? If you do play Animal Jam then put down your username i have a youtube channel for Animal Jam and you might get the chance to be in a video!
27 / 1 by Froststar_Leader_Of_Thunderclan
Sonamy or Shadamy?
Are you more Sonic x Amy or Shadow x Amy? Personally, I don't know what Amy should do with Shadow -_-
21 / 40 by Milea
Mystery story plot?
So...I want to make a mystery story, something like Gravity Falls, but my mind is blank on something that I should do that isn't exactly the same thing as Gravity Falls. What should I make it about? (I will give a honorable men...
4 / 0 by DipperPinesShades
What is Heaven Like?
90 / 208 by molly1
What is your favorite dog breed?
Mine is a foxhound lab mix! (Duh.. thats what breed I am.) So whats yours?
12 / 2 by story.writer
If you could change your name... what would your name be?
Please only your first name... not trying to be a stalker :3
81 / 95 by WhatUdoin
how old wr u wen u had yr 1 boyfriend??
i was 10
169 / 341 by lmfaorocks
Do you have a crush on a fictional character?
Do you have a crush on a fictional character? If so put who it is and where you got it from. Don't be shy, everyone has one :p!
60 / 15 by Lovelyperson
What are your opinions on Imagine Dragons?
*Clears throat.*
13 / 6 by xxxvanny
Which Anime show is your favorite?
I like Fairy Tail the best.
16 / 7 by MaiKumi
Qfeast fans: What features would you like to see added next?
We can make Qfeast better than everything else!
291 / 1150 by qfeast
Are you agianst animal abuse???
Its super super sad when i hear a story on the news about animal abuse! Answer if you agree that it is disturbing and horrible!
148 / 345 by earth707
What's with people and posting Steven Universe stuff now and days?!
Like, SU is all around Qfeast now! I'm not saying I have anything agents it, but it's everywhere! Can someone please explain why? O.o;
7 / 14 by AquaNoodles
What is worrier cats is all about?
I just wanna know, it seems awesome.
10 / 14 by pikachukitty
Would you like to be in my story Selena's past?
If you would like to be a part of my story then I will need the following description of your character below and it can be a mixed hybrid of an animal or just a normal ordinary animal which ever you like so this story will be ...
7 / 0 profile questionby pennyroyalT
Why do you think Dr. Eggman is fat?
If you know Sonic Characters, take this
18 / 5 by Katarina12